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Leading to advancement on "new thinking new way", the foundation stone of Jain Shiksha Samraddhi Bhavan and fourth foundation day, 8 January 2017, was completed joyfully in Badamalehra Dronagiri in the presence of Swastishriji and Finance Minister Shri Jayant Malaiya

On 9th and 10th February, the Jain Shiksha Samraddhi Representative took information about the working of teachers and the club officials at the study center and gave some suggestions and also discussed with the parents about preparations of the forthcoming examination in schools.

Along with simplifying the study through various activities, the health check-up of the children was also done by famous doctors and club officials.

Some colorful program were organized for children on the auspicious occasion of Holi at Jain Shiksha Samraddhi Centers. Children demonstrated their art and the President of the Center, Minister and Parents distributed the prize.

Even after the annual examination at Jain Shiksha Samraddhi Centers, the students were busy in the center through various activities.

The weekly workshop of the schools selected by Jain Shiksha Samraddhi was completed in Pathway School, Delhi on 1st to 7th April, 2017, in which all the participants were benefitted by the support of school management. All the participants visited the Science City and the historical and religious places of Delhi.

The meeting of the Central Committee took place on 22nd April, 2017 at Chemsford Club, New Delhi, in which the activities of the study centers were discussed. On 23rd April, the tasks were discussed in a meeting of the club and teachers at the Nainagir Siddhashetra under the chairmanship of National President Shri Vijay Jain and then trained in Dronagir on 29th April.

Under the Bundelkhand tour of Jain Shiksha Samraddhi Representative on 8 and 9 June 2017, "students meeting ceremony" of "July 23, 2017", regarding preparations for the new session and on the occasion of Yoga Day of "June 21" teachers of all centers and men & women club officials were informed about their roles and responsibilities and discussed with them in this regard. The 4-day workshop of computer training on all the centers was completed in the direction of Mr. Rakesh Jain ,Bamhori , in which all the students and teachers were benefited.
On the occasion of the “Students meeting ceremony” nearly 350 children of all study centers were present in Nanagir Siddhashetra . Despite the presence of the weather favorability, the presence of parents and people of the society made the program unique. Students and teachers enthusiastically presented some documentaries on regional sports, cultural program and contemporary topics that all the visitors appreciated.
Various events of Independence Day were held at all centers along with computer classes.
Teachers' Day was organized in the study center and the schools on 5th September, in which all the teachers motivated the students to become their ideal teacher and respect them. All the teachers working in the program were honored.
Students and teachers were trained by famous trainers.
Weekly meeting of Women Club and Monthly Assessment of Children and Health Testing